About me

Hello and welcome to Gadabout’s Corner!

I believe that there’s no absolute right way to travel. Travel is an art. It’s a creative process that includes beauty and inspiration. Gadabout’s Corner is quite useful for gaining tips to wherever you plan to go or hopefully inspires you to start booking your tickets.

Here, there will be articles with different varieties and moods. There should be everything for everyone.

About the Writer

My name is Yok. I’m from Thailand and there’s nothing to complain. It’s beautiful and vivid. There’s so much to see and I’m still pinning.

I like travelling and I think I share this interest with a lot of people. I’ve also just grown fond of cooking, which takes my travelling joy to the next level – local food and fresh markets! I’m also a big fan of Scuba diving in which you will come to notice.

When I travel, I make sure I turn off cooking gas and pack light.

Thank you for sharing the experience with us! Enjoy!