After six months away, with different beds and showers, I’m now home and since I got here, I notice something. I sense it. Weirdly, it’s not what people call “post travel blue.”


If you have ever been away for some time, you might share the same joy, maybe not in all aspects but parts of it. It’s different from person to person, experience to experience. It could depends on the company, the destination, the lesson you learnt or the length of time. This is not the longest time I wasn’t home. A couple of years back, I was away for a year and the “joy” was completely different.

It could also depend on the expectation. People travel for different reasons. Some might be escaping from something. Some might be searching for something. That’s why some might come back wiser. Some might bring back great news, while some could be back with a broken heart.

Doesn’t matter the reason, whenever I’m about to be back home, I always know I have good things to come back to. I know I have my dearest family to come back to.

I know I’ll come back to the unconditional love I don’t have to fight for. It’s the warm welcome that even five-star hotels can’t imitate. It’s the appreciation of being missed and valued. It’s the joy of being easily loved. I’ll have to admit that sometimes I like being the centre of attention, just for a couple of days. It’s also a joy to know that my parents who were patiently waiting can now stop worrying about me.

Home4 Home3

One thing I’d like to express here: don’t make people at home worry about you. If you are fine, let them know but if you are not, try to let them know as little as possible, because complaining will only make things worst for those who are waiting.

You’ll also catch up with your friends. They’ll force you to spill the beans about those guilty nights and you’ll probably reveal more than you should, but that’s how you close the distance.

It’s not only about seeing familiar faces, but it’s also about other small things like driving your own car or greeting your pets. Meeting my dogs after months apart was one of the very special moments. These dogs are pure loyal.


I always travel on a really tight budget. That’s how I can do it. So, it’s not always very comfortable. When I got home, I really appreciate being able to sleep in my large bed. I’m not sharing my room with other guests like when I stayed in hostels. I have my own shower that I can spend hours in there. I can sink my sore muscles in a hot bath, while listening to my tunes. Home is so comfy.

Home14 Home7

It’s also good to be back and eat your comfort food. You have the kitchen for yourself. You have the fridge to store as much food and drinks as you want. You know where to go for some good meals. The other day, I went to my favorite street vendors and they were champions. I still have to go to all the buffet restaurants I missed while I was away. I definitely have to go to eat street food around the city in which I’ll tell you about it in my upcoming posts as well.


The relaxation of being home is beyond its physicality. Personally, I’m also relaxed with time because I don’t have plans nor schedules. Well, not yet. At least for few days. I don’t have to think about catching my next coach or check-out time. I don’t have to think about not wasting my time and try to see as much as possible.

Home2 Home12

I can take the advantage of this, catching up with the world, what’s trending in my town and PokemonGo. Yep. I can also spend time to take care of my family and myself. If you happen to be heartbroken from a heartthrob during your trip, you’ll get your support from people around you. You can also scrub off all the weathers that mask your skin so your experience can shine through. You can even hit the gym or just simply take time to plan for your next trip.

For me, I can make some money at home and not when I’m away, unless I go away for work. So, during my stay, I can accumulate some notes for my next departure in which I’m already looking forward for it. And I know our next trip will be grand. It will be better because we now know enough how to be a good bird of passage, how to wander.

You went away and surely you don’t come back with only souvenirs for your friends and family. You can gift them with the experience that you can share. You’ve already gifted yourself. It’s like the journey has strengthen the saturation to your life’s portrait. It’s like you went away to collect more colors to add to your canvas. That color could be anything. It could be love. And if you happen to be heartbroken, at least now your love has a place to stay.


The other day, I found this quote by Mother Teresa that says “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” I think it’s quite cool because there are many possible interpretations from this single line and I just think it’s worth sharing.

All in all, home is just like a shore for us to rest our swiftly arms and legs. There is a pier at your arrival and will be there for your next departure. There’s a lighthouse that you can see even in the darkest time.

My dear, don’t be sad to be coming home. Don’t be sad if you are leaving too soon. Don’t be sad if things didn’t turn out how you expected. You might have responsibilities to come back to, but you’ll take care of it and leave again, soon.

At home, there are good things waiting for you.