When most people think of the Andaman Sea, there are many names we could shout: Similan Islands, Koh Lipe, Phuket, Krabi, Mergui Archipelago, Lampi Island and a stunner like Ngapali Beach. These are what I could come up with. What are the places that you could think of? Please let me know. 😍

Anyway, when talking about destinations in the Andaman Sea, I would never though of Nyuang Oo Phee Island. To be more honest, I never heard of this place until I found it on the internet and I booked my place almost right away! A holiday on a private island that is not too far from home simply sold itself to me.

Accommodation and Activities
  • November to May
  • Fire Show
  • Bar and restaurant on site
  • Snorkelling
  • Hiking
  • Boat trip
    • Island hopping
    • Scuba Diving

Nyuang Oo Phee is a small island in Kawthaung, Southern Myanmar. The island is a property of Nyuand Oo Phee Resort, the only resort on island and it is only open to customers between November and May. For other months, no customers can spend a night on the island due to weather condition. However, visit during the day is allowed during those months.

There is everything for a good holiday on the island, you are all covered. They even have a fire show every night! There is a bar and a restaurant on site. You could chose to stay in bungalow tents or rooms, with either stream or ocean view. Apart from swimming, you could also snorkel at their small house reef, looking for string rays and greet the moray eel, that is only about 200 metres off the store. You could ask any staff on the island to pin the exact location. They might even show you spot themselves.

You could also go on a boat trip, hopping to islands nearby, snorkelling at other areas or even scuba diving. Again, just talk to the staff or visit their website for more information. But if you want to stay dry, you could also hike around the resort. There are several trails that you could follow.

Getting There
  • Yangong, Myanmar
    • Fly to Kawthaung
    • Speed boat to the island
  • Ranong, Thailand
    • Grand Andaman Pier
    • Koh Song
    • Kawthaung
    • Speed Boat to the island

To get there is really simple, you could fly from Yangon, Myanmar to Kawthaung with Myanmar National Airlines. There are flights every day between the two cities. From Kawthaung, you only hop on the speed boat that you’ll have to pre-booked with the resort, enjoy the ride for 1.30 hour, hop off the boat and land on the soft, white sand!

You could also easily get there from Ranong, Thailand. You simply have to book yourself a boat ride from Grand Andaman Pier to Kawthaung. There is a custom at the pier. It’s awfully convenience. After 30 minutes, the boat will stop at Koh Song, which you’ll only have to pass your passport and the documents from Thai custom to the staff on the boat, wait for 5 minutes and you are legally through the border of Myanmar. The boat will continue its journey to Kawthaung for another hour. From there, you’ll spend another 1.30 on a fun ride to our destination!

Things to do in Kawthaung

  • Maliwan Waterfall and Hot Springs
  • Palautonetone Fishing Village
  • Temples

If you don’t want to immediately go to Nyuang Oo Phee Island, and want to wander around Kawthaung first, I’ve got a list for you.

Firstly, I’d recommend cooling off at the Maliwan Waterfall, where you can dip in the natural pool, while listening to the sound of water crushing. Not too far from here, there is a natural trail taking you to the Maliwan Hot Springs, where you can relax and bathe the wonderfulness of nature. 

Then, I’d recommend visiting the Palautonetone Fishing Village. It’s a small island in the North of Kawthaung, linked to the mainland by a wooden bridge. The bridge takes you into the mangrove, which leads to the hearth of the village. The bridge itself is fascinating. However, I also enjoyed walking through the village, seeing kids playing around, sneakily observed us with friendly smiles. Also, there are many different styles of temples to admire and a very clean beach on this tiny island.

The Accommodation

I’d highly recommend staying at the Victoria Cliff Hotel and Resort, which is under the same operation as the Nyuang Oo Phee Resort. So, it’s really easy to book your transportation and all with them. They even offer tours around Kawthaung as well. The perfect location of this place gives you a stunning view of the Andaman Sea, from your balcony or from their infinity pool! They even have a long bridge going further into the sea, giving you view of the city and the hotel itself. I also have to mention that the food is great!

Day Trip Itinerary
  • Island hopping from Kawthaung
  • Lunch at Nyaung Oo Phee Island
  • More islands
  • Back to Kawthaung

If your timing is not right or you can’t simply spend a night on the island, don’t give up. You could contact the hotel about their fun day trip. You’ll be in a speed boat, visiting different islands and snorkelling spots! You’ll get to enjoy the private island, where there are almost no footprints and the stunning beach!

Two Days Trip Itinerary

But if you want to spend a night there, you could simply book a two days trip via the resort as well. This helps to reduce all the huzzles. You’ll get to do the same thing, but after more islands in the evening, you’ll be back on the island, watching fire show by the beach and enjoying a peaceful sleep. Then you leave for Kawthaung the next morning. 🌞

I really enjoyed my time there as I got to see a lot of things but there were no huzzles with transportations and bits and pieces. I got to see cultures and a nature that is so pure and so private. You won’t feel lonely either because the people there are so warm. It’s a perfect place to wind down. 🙃