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Maldives is known for its transparent blue water and white sand beaches with ideal climate for swimming, especially with luxury overwater bungalows that allows you to sink into the warm water from the front door.

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One of the biggest reason to visit Maldives as soon as possible, apart from its beauty is the rising sea level. It could possibly be drowned by 2100.

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Independence Day Celebration – 26th July
  • Republic Square
  • Sultan Park
Islamic Law
  • Pork
  • Modesty of dressing
  • Alcohol

It would be a better holiday without fines or jail time!

Flights Selection

I would recommend day flights with seats next to the window and not blocked by the wings so you can enjoy the view of groups of islands.

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The Airport

The main international airport of Maldives is Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. The easiest and cheapest way to go to and from Hulhulé to Malé is the Airport ferry.

Getting Around
  • Private transfers
  • Domestic flights
  • Seaplanes
  • Speedboats
  • Ferries
  • Dhonis
  • Taxis (Within Malé)
Things You Should Try
  • Diving
    • Manta Point
    • Banana Reef
    • Broken Rock
    • Victory Wreck
  • Dolphin and Whale watching
  • Day trips – island hopping
  • Submarine tours
  • Underwater hotels
  • Glow in the dark beaches
Vilamendhoo Island Resort and Spa

I have a small list to consider when you are looking a perfect hotel that suits you.

  • Price (obviously)
  • Season and storms
  • Transfer
  • House reef
  • Half board, full board and all-inclusive options
  •  Sports
  • Excursions

The perfect resort that has everything I want is Vilamendhoo Island Resort and Spa. At Vilamendhoo, there is Euro Divers office that can take you out to major Maldives’ dive sites. The hotel also provides excursions options.

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What’s Next?

Maldives’ awesomeness is endless, in my next post I’ll talk about how to stay in Maldives on a low budget, where to explore local’s cultures and activities.

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